Safe and Secure Work Environment

A resilient organization is able to work through and recover from a major crisis or disaster in a positive manner. One of the many contributing factors which makes an organization more resilient is a safe and secure environment. When a company has taken steps to mitigate and reduce exposures to unsafe practices and to increase security, employees experience less stress, feel more comfortable and confident, and demonstrate improved productivity.

At a global high-tech firm, the most visible sign of security is badge access to facilities. From an IT perspective, random password generators are used to allow individuals to access any workstation at any facility in any country.

On a business trip to Stockholm, we encountered a breach in security which impacted the productivity of our business plan for that week. The night before we arrived unknown people broke into the main office, did some damage, and the office became a crime scene. For those of us that travel often we know that just being in a different country, navigating the language and getting around town, are challenging enough. This event raised our level of stress about being present and trying to work around the scene. This was not a major crisis in any way, however, it did cause some consternation and impacted our goals for that trip.

Looking at the workplace, most company campuses have a great deal of focus and programs in place that support the employees. Some of these include ergonomic standards, security force patrolling the grounds and buildings, surveillance cameras, adherence to OSHA guidelines, full background checks and drug screening for new hires, environmental health and safety programs that monitor interior building air systems, and many more.  The result is that the work environment feels open and safe.


Creating a Safe and Secure Workplace“. 2007

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